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HCI Sadbhaw

नेपालीले नेपालीलाई

Tackling educational inequity in Nepal via a nation-wide need-based scholarship.

The Sadbhaw Scholarship Program was initiated with the mission ‘No Nepali child drops out of school due to poverty’. It aims to help those students who are highly likely to drop out from school due to poverty. Scholarship package is an in-kind educational package that consists of educational materials enough to support a student for an entire school year.
Sadbhaw provides uniforms, shoes, bags, notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil boxes and calculators to economically disadvantaged students that are likely to drop out of school because of lack of these educational materials. We have provided scholarships to more than 950 students this far and plan to provide more than hundred thousand scholarships by 2025.

The Sadbhaw Scholarship has a standard selection process based on 75% need and 25% merit. We maintain a close partnership with local schools and elect committees to make the program possible. Contributors are updated with the status of the students supported with thank you videos and pictures, as well as contact details if given the recipient’s consent.

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