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Political Literacy for Women

Political Literacy for Young Women is an 11-13 days long course designed to create political consciousness amongst young women, aged 18 – 30 years. The course is specifically built for young female and female identifying individuals with little to no knowledge of politics and has successfully completed 5 Cohorts of PLYW (including a Political Literacy Course); graduating 237 politically literate/conscious women from all around Nepal and Nepalese living across the world.
PLYW opts to create a more inclusive and centered space to learn and have discourses for the underprivileged and minority communities across Nepal. The course is designed to build a strong basic foundational level knowledge of Politics, along that to work as an aid and agency to further create space to learn, network and run discourses on politics and its domain. The broader vision of this project is to escalate the interest of young females in politics and emergence of them as proficient female leaders of tomorrow which ensures a much needed shift in prevailing political culture. PLYW opts to change the orthodox narrative where “Politics is mandated as a masculine sphere”. Target Audience: This course is specially designed for young Nepal women aged 18-30 from all provinces who are passionate and interested to learn about Nepali politics. For this cohort, the major focus is to reach communities with limited accessibility and exposure such as Dalit, Madhesi, queer communities while prioritizing indigenous groups like Thakali, Dhimal, Jirel, etc. whose population is less than 0.1 % of the total population. Another main focus for target selection will be rural areas centric

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